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Lunchtime Gatherings

3 Dates for Lunchtime Gatherings at Irish Missionary Union Centre in Dublin are:

Friday June 21st, Friday June 28th,  Friday July 5th.

World Day against Child Labour

Today 12th June is World Day against Child Labour.

THINK-EAT-SAVE : World Environment Day - 5th June

Today is World Environment Day.  World Environment Day was established by United Nations in 1972 to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and encourage political attention and action.  It is celebrated annually on 5th June.  The United Nations has declared 2013 the International Year oif Quinoa.

Meetings / Conferences June

7th - 15th June - The second Younger / newer members' meeting is being held ibn Curepipe, Mauritius.  Twenty members from eight provisnces / regions will be involved.

At the end of June an International Education Conference is being sponsored in Loreto Kirribille in Sydney by the Principals in Australia.  There will be IBVM and CJ Sisters and lay colleagues attending from other countries including Ireland. 

Days to Remember in JUNE

The following are Days of Remembrance for the United Nations in the month of June.

5th June - World Environment Day

8th June - World Ocean Day

12th June - World Day against Child Labour

20th June - World Refugee Day

Many Members of our Institute are involved in ministries that directly relate to these major issues so we wish to support them in prayer by remembering these days and their work.




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