50th International Eucharistic Congress

Louise O'Sullivan IBVM has written a full Report on the 50th International Eucharistic Congress, here is a short piece of what she wrote.  There was a lot of activity at the Loreto Stand at the Congress.      eucharistic congress1-1

ethel and chris on dutyThere is something very vibrant and dynamic about engaging with people from our own and other cultures seeing the common bond which unites us all in Christ and the longing for a richer experience of Communion with Christ and with one another.  Many of us, myself included, were less than enthusiastic about the prospect of the Eucharistic Congress coming at the time when it did.  But this was an experience of the universal Church;  for example 16 of the 100 Catholics who live in Turkmenistan attended (you can now work out the percentage of the Catholic population who actually did attend!); people from Iraq and Nigeria where the persecution of Christians is a common feature of their lives.    


There were women there from Zimbabwe with the most magnificent kaleidoscopic images and colours represented on their costumes.  And there were representatives of aspects of the Church in all its diversity of perspectives, including hadited males and females of varying dimentsions, styles and colours!  Everyone was there for a reason: out of curiosity, interest or for an experience of communion in a wider panoramic view than what is on offer in the Irish Church at present.  I'm only giving my perspective here.  Everyone present would have had their own unique perspective on the event.