What We Do

Sr Regina gives medical attention

You will find us across the world, working and networking, listening and searching, being and doing. We don't have the answers. We ask the same questions everyone does when confronted with the most difficult situations: ‘Where is God? ... What can be done to alleviate this situation?'

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We try, in the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, to ‘love the questions themselves' and ‘live the questions'. We try to confront the challenges that emerge with hope because it would be all too easy sometimes to despair.

Our service in mission is rooted always in contemplation: reflecting on what is happening, taking time out to listen, to really hear where the call of God is in our lives, and to be prepared to attend to it.

HIV / AIDS project

What we do is not governed by what we have to bring to people in any situation; that would be both condescending and patronising.

We try, sometimes failing, to walk in the shoes of another by learning the language, something of the culture and customs, and by immersing ourselves in the reality of people's lives.

We realise our own fragile humanity, our own brokenness, which respects where others are at and seeks to find a way through together with those with whom we work. Our work is collaborative in every part of the globe in which we are present.

Our ministries are very varied and what follows is a general broad description of some of the areas in which we are involved in our world today. The list is by no means exhaustive.

As a congregation, our name is synonymous with education

As a congregation, our name is synonymous with education. In addition to the more formalised education, conducted in schools or colleges, we are also involved in informal structures which seek to address those who are not being catered for in mainstream education; those who would otherwise be disadvantaged or marginalized.

We work in chaplaincy in hospitals, hospices, prisons; with people with AIDS/HIV; in interfaith and ecumenical dialogue; in prayer ministries in schools and parishes; in evangelisation and catechetics; in spiritual direction; in counselling, psychotherapy and art therapy; in healing therapies; in teaching in primary, secondary and third level; working in parishes and at diocesan level; caring for immigrants; working with travellers; advocating for justice and peace issues; creating courses that equip people with skills in disadvantaged areas; visiting hospitals, hospices and nursing homes; fund-raising for missions abroad; administering the internal affairs of the congregation.

Christ has no body now but ours and yours; no hands, no feet on earth but ours and yours. In our world, in what we do, we seek to be signs of hope, of life, of compassion and love. We are conscious that we are the fragile vessels that bear a precious treasure. Our hope is to work together with others for a better and more just world.