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Everyday God – Spirituality Outreach Programme

‘Care of the faith’ was fundamental to Mary Ward’s founding vision and mission, and continues today as central to the Loreto shared mission.

Everyday God – sharing Ignatian spirituality – is an outreach programme set up in 2010 to bring Ignatian Spirituality to people in their local areas and in particular where Loreto sisters live and work.  Ignatian Spirituality, put at its simplest, means recognising that God is to be found in all things, and that reflecting on the ordinary everyday events and circumstances of our lives is a pathway to God.

‘Your lives are already full of God.

You do not need to go anywhere else to find God.  God is at your fingertips when you feed and dress your children.

God is in your feet when you drag yourself to another day of boring work, or rush to a friend’s party.

God is in your mouth when you try to say a consoling word of encouragement, when your heart beats faster in hope or desperation…….it is God’s heart beating within you.

Whether you know it or not, God is always already there’.

Everyday God involves Loreto sisters and lay colleagues working together to create opportunities and spaces for people to tune into and celebrate the Divine in their everyday ordinary lives. The outreach takes the form of the following:

  1. Small gatherings of people coming together to reflect and pray through meditation groups, faith sharing groups, stillness – mindfulness groups.  The format of each group varies depending on the needs of the group.
  2. Reflective days or afternoons for larger groups in local or regional centres.
  3. Training days on Ignatian Spirituality and our foundress Mary Ward.
  4. Stepping Stones – pathways to discernment.
  5. Guided weeks of prayer for groups who request it.

The Examen Prayer is the essence of Ignatian Spirituality and is very much part of the Everyday God Programme.  This is how it worksTake 10 to 15 minutes during your day to do the Examen Prayer (preferably at the end of the day). Choose a quiet place and enjoy your time of being alone with God. Then Pray like this –

  • Become aware of the presence of God.
  • Review your day with gratitude.  Walk through your day in the presence of God and note its joys and delights.

Pay attention to your emotions.  Reflect on the feelings you experienced during the day.  Ask what God is saying through these feelings.  Choose one feature from your day and pray from that.

Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to something during the day that God sees as particularly important.  It may be a vivid moment or something that seems insignificant.

Look towards tomorrow. Ask God to give you light for tomorrow’s challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect on our Everyday God Programme.  You may wish to join a group in your local area, if so  you would be most welcome.  For further information contact loretospirituality@gmail.com

Click on the link below to view Everyday God upcoming events:

Everyday God Brochure 2017- 2018