Loreto Education Trust

Both Mary Ward and Teresa Ball responded to the needs of their time by establishing schools and using the work of education to spread the message of the Gospel.  These schools flourished and, by the middle of the 20th century, there were over 30 schools in Ireland which drew their defining ethos from the spirit of the Loreto Congregation.  Over time, lay colleagues shared in the delivery of education, the leadership and management of the schools.  The final link in that chain was sharing in the trusteeship of the schools.  In 2004, the Provincial and her Council established the Loreto Education Trust with responsibility for this trusteeship.  Both sisters and lay people are appointed as directors of the Trust. This body will ensure that the Loreto ethos is both safeguarded and developed in the schools into the future.

To explore further the trusteeship of Loreto education and the work of the schools, please log into the following website: www.loretoschoolsnetwork.ie