Dear Friends,

Like the rest of the world we are all grappling with the new reality of Coronavirus. Our schools are closed for 5 weeks and already we are sadly hearing stories of students being forced into marriage.

South Sudan is just beginning to register the reality of the virus as more cases are being reported from the capital city.

In Rumbek we are still in preparation mode. We now have twenty-five graduates working with us and many of them are out and about in the community each morning. It is hard for many in our local community to understand the challenges of Coronavirus, they are already grappling with so much.

Hunger is becoming more obvious as we wait for the rains to start. While there are many challenges there is much for us to be grateful for, our Clinic team are hard at work and our local community has been grateful for the food support and water.

Thanks to you all for your continued support. We continue to join hands with all of you as we pray for good health and protection in the weeks ahead,

Blessings and prayers for you and your families,

From all of us in South Sudan.


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