Dear Friends,
July has been a busy month for us with agriculture and health care. The rains have been welcomed to help the crops to grow but malaria is also on the increase.

Currently we are seeing over thirty new cases a day of malaria into the clinic, sadly many are young children. There is still no clear update on the situation with Coronavirus in the state though our local hospital hopes to become a testing centre. Our students at home are anxious to get back to school, we are still waiting directives from the Ministry of Education.

In our Newsletter attached, you can see some of the stories. Thanks to your support last month we were able to help more families with soap, seeds and mosquito nets. In the compound we are celebrating the final completion of our security wall. And new materials have arrived to help us, school kits and oxygen concentrators.

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Thanks for your ongoing prayers and support for our mission. Let us together stay safe and well during this Coronavirus period.

Thank You
From all of us in Loreto Rumbek


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