Over these weeks there has been much for us to be concerned about. With weather there has been a serious lack of rain, there has been heightened insecurity as neighbouring clans took to fighting and there is the ever present threat of Coronavirus.

But in Loreto there is always so much life, love and fun, no matter how challenging life becomes, our young people and staff bring out the best in us all.

Though we missed the rain the students found more opportunities to share their time and skills with the neighbours, particularly in our local hospital. When there is fighting in the community the students strive to become more united and to bring out their leadership skills in the hope of becoming leaders in the community in the future.

And though many are scared of the vaccine our staff, in all departments, queued for the vaccine – one hundred and seventy-seven on the last count! We continue to hope and pray for the rain, for peace and that there will be an end to Coronavirus.

Thanks to you all for your support and prayers,
From all of us in Loreto Rumbek


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