Dear Friends,

Like the rest of the world our programme has dramatically changed in the past few days. We began the month with celebrations as we welcomed the great results for our graduates but the news of the Coronavirus began to spread fast.

Thankfully we have been able to learn a little from other countries in advance and we are now in preparation mode. Our medical students and nurses have all come back from college, our clinic team have all offered to stay on and we are preparing ourselves for what could be.

There is no confirmed case in South Sudan but there is much fear in the country. We don’t have specialised equipment and even the simple gesture of a hand shake is important in our culture.

It has been hard to say goodbye to our students. While we have experienced many things over the years we never had to close. We have endured insecurity, war, hunger and local displacement but have always been able to keep the schools open.

Unfortunately this is our hunger season and there is still much insecurity in the country. We pray for our students and their families at this time. We are united with the rest of the world in praying for one another.

Blessings and prayers for you and your families,
From all of us in South Sudan.


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