Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of the month of May we are grateful for many small achievements.

Our schools remained closed but our compound is still full of life. The rains have begun and while we are missing the support of our students we are all helping out with the planting. We look forward to September when we hope to feast on the harvest of groundnuts (monkey nuts) and maize.

Many of our university students who have returned to us are continuing their studies online though sadly most students in South Sudan are not afforded the same opportunities. And we are grateful to connect with many of our Primary and Secondary girls are they came to receive their cash payment for the British project, Girls Education in South Sudan.

The journey of Coronavirus is becoming very real for us. In our capital of Juba many of our top political leaders have confirmed they are positive for Coronavirus. A number of confirmed cases are now present in our town. Unfortunately we don’t have testing services in our State but we all assume that the virus is present and spreading fast.

Our graduates are doing a great service, some go to the radios and have health talks while others are out and about in the community teaching about coronavirus. While masks aren’t widely available our graduates are learning how to make their own and provide some for the community.

We realise that the coming weeks will be tense as we expect the spread of Coronavirus to be more visible to us all. We are beginning to take the necessary precautions though it is difficult in an environment that has little.

Optimism, hope and presence seem the greatest gifts that we can give to one another at this time. We continue to be grateful for your ongoing support.

United in prayer, Blessings and prayers for you and your families,

From all of us in Loreto Rumbek


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