Greetings from a cooler South Sudan. This time of the year marks our winter, that means we have cooler evenings and no rain. The dry season brings a welcome end to the high number of cases of malaria and also the flooded roads. Already we are seeing high numbers of trucks driving on the dusty roads.

It is also holiday season for us here in Loreto Rumbek. Already some of our staff have gone for their holidays while our students will leave in two weeks. The holidays will be shorter this year as the pupils have already missed so much school. Ironically many don’t want to go home for Christmas and prefer to remain here to study!

Over the past month we have continued to be very busy in the clinic with large numbers coming to the clinic each day. Teacher training continues in the Primary School for the trainee teachers and interns while the Secondary School are rejoicing with their new Head-Teacher.

We give thanks to you all for your prayers, support and generous donations.

As we begin the season of Advent with prayer this year for the grace to continue waiting, there is so much we are waiting for…..”

From all of us in Loreto Rumbek


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