“There was never seen such a woman no never”
(BR pg 73)

Together we thank the Lord for the vocation we have received to be part of this great history.

We, the members of Summer School 2019, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our Institute Leaders Jane and Noelle and their team members, who worked together and planned this course on Mary Ward, to foster our spiritual and apostolic wellbeing. We were blessed to have the opportunity to revisit our origins in the beautiful setting of the Bar Convent from July 15 to August 2 2019.

Our special thanks to Agnesa and Carmel who prepared and worked with us constantly even before we met for the Mary Ward Summer School. Both shared and accompanied us through the historical and spiritual details of Mary Ward’s life. They unfolded our past with great love and zeal that strengthened and inspired us. It also helped us to look at things from different perspectives.

We were privileged to have Frances Orchard CJ, Provincial Superior England, who untangled the intricate web of Mary Ward’s rehabilitation. This indeed made us feel united in mind and heart as Mary Ward sisters. Finally, Magdalen O’Neill IBVM, who is steeped in the spirit of Mary Ward, helped us to study the lemon juice letters and Mary Ward’s death and make them our own.

The Summer School was complete as we, ‘the pilgrims,’ walked in the steps of our dear Mary Ward from Mulwith, the place of her birth, to Osbaldwick, the place of her rest. Our days together gave us a feel and glimpse of the love we all have for Mary Ward and of the companionship we share as Mary Ward women.

Our sincere thanks to Bernie Boland IBVM (Province Leader) who visited us and all at the Bar Convent, especially Ann CJ (Community Superior) who welcomed us warmly and ensured our stay was comfortable in every way.

Priyanka IBVM and Valeria CJ