Liz is a Canon Lawyer who is working on the Cause of our Venerable Mary Ward on behalf of Mary Ward’s two Institutes: The Congregatio Jesu and The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Loreto.

Liz is a former Principal of Loreto Abbey Dalkey and Loreto St. Stephen’s Green where she spent many happy years with wonderful teachers, ancillary staff, students and parents. Her response to the request of leadership to study Canon Law in 2001 brought her into a whole new world.

Following her graduation in 2006 from Saint Paul’s University, Ottawa, she was appointed Vicar for Religious and member of the Episcopal Council of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin. She was the first woman to hold these roles which provided Liz with the opportunity to work with and assist the 136 Congregations of women and men who have houses in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Since women canon lawyers are difficult to access, Liz continues to work with religious in so far as this is possible given her role with the Cause of Mary Ward. The Cause work involves networking with the world-wide Mary Ward Institute, making this wonderful, prophetic woman more widely known, responding to requests for prayer, investigating possible miracles and collating information about the innumerable works, missions and ministries that continue to go on in the name of Venerable Mary Ward throughout the world.

She continues to contribute to the world of education by involvement in Boards at Secondary and Tertiary levels.

Sr. Elizabeth’s counterpart in the Congregatio Jesu is Sr. Elena Gatica Romero CJ (Rome). Together, they work to promote the Cause of Venerable Mary Ward.