Dear Province Secretaries, Communications Directors and Friends,

Greetings from New York where we send this UN Update as we approach Christmas 2019. Thank you very much for your collaboration in distributing it to the network in every country where the Mary Ward Family is present with sisters, associates, colleagues and friends. You will find links to our story of the last year based on the photos we received from you. You are there. We are there. Youth engagement is there. The Update also records recent months.

What has been happening in New York, in Madrid at COP 25. We also have good news about what you have been doing to make our world a better place while, from the United Nations perspective, you work towards the powerful goals aimed at ending poverty, making our world inclusive and sustainable. The year ahead, 2020, has many important actions for us including a huge global conversation, and stocktaking of the situation of women worldwide, 25 years after the Beijing Conference on Women.

Cynthia, Janet and Francesca join in wishing you a peaceful and joyful Christmas,

Cecilia O’Dwyer
Representative ibvm/Loreto NGO


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