The Cause for Mary Ward’s Canonization

Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed Mary Ward “Venerable” in 2009, the 400th anniversary of the birth of her Institute.

Mary Ward’s sisters who work in 41 countries worldwide rejoiced in the public recognition of this prophetic woman.

Mary Ward

Now the Institute must complete the journey – to make Mary Ward a saint

This involves 2 major steps

  • We must prove widespread devotion to Mary Ward. This means recording and preserving evidence of prayer, devotion to and support of Venerable Mary Ward.
    Through a network of contacts world-wide, the Office for the Cause of Venerable Mary Ward endeavours to discover, collate, record, and share this information.
  • We must provide evidence of “extraordinary graces” received through the intercession of Mary Ward.
    This requires the investigation of possible “miracles” whether medical or other.
    We require one miracle to satisfy the “Beatification” process, i.e., the penultimate step and another to have Mary Ward declared a saint.

Contact details

Office for the Cause of Mary Ward
Loreto International House
25 Rathfarnham wood
D14 H2R6

Sr. Elizabeth Cotter IBVM (Sr. Liz) will be delighted to assist you.

If you prefer, contact any IBVM Loreto or CJ Sister most IBVM Loreto and CJ Provinces and Regions have their own websites.

For further information visit and (Institute websites).

What can you contribute to this journey?

  • You might write a Personal Testimony, i.e. a short account of your devotion to Venerable Mary Ward
  • Invite clerics to write Letters of Support (guidelines below);
  • Let the Office know of any activity carried out in Mary Ward’s name

How can you help?

  • Promote devotion to Venerable Mary Ward by sharing information with others.
  • Let us know if you want prayers for someone who is ill (you can contact the Office for the Cause of Mary Ward)
  • Let us know if you have received a “favour” sought through the intercession of Mary Ward
  • Send us your suggestions.

Cherish God’s vocation in you, let it be constant, efficacious and loving".

Mary Ward